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Myles Guard Services

MylesGuard Oil Change Service - Engines are very tough on motor oil. Moving engine parts cause friction and friction causes heat, which is a common causes for a breakdown. Replacing your engine oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles will help extend the life of your vehicle. Using top grade synthetic blend oil will protect it even more. The expert technicians at Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions will visually inspect your entire vehicle and recommend the right motor oil for you

MylesGuard Tune up Service – Your vehicle requires maintenance items replaced at certain intervals in order for it to run at peak performance. At Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions our MylesGuardTune-up Service does just that. Our Tune-ups generally include replacing wear item parts such as spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and PCV valve. If equipped we will replace the distributor cap, rotor and ignition wires. Tuning your vehicle up at regular intervals will ensure that you have the best fuel economy and a longer lasting vehicle. Ask your Lee Myles mechanic when your vehicle is due for its next tune up.

MylesGuard Brake Service – Did you know that there are two kinds of brake systems: disc brakes, which are the most common, and drum brakes, typically found in older cars or used for rear braking system on some newer cars. When you step on your car’s brake pedal, the brake pads squeeze a spinning disc rotor that’s attached to the wheel. The resulting friction, when applied to each of the wheels, slows the car. When left unchecked, your brakes could fail and result in a much longer stopping distance. To prevent expensive repairs and save money, have your brakes checked regularly at your local Lee Myles Transmission & AutoCare Center. We are the auto care experts!

MylesGuard Diagnostic Service – Historically, most car electrical systems included alternators, batteries, solenoids, front and rear lights, and spark plugs. Today’s newer vehicles however, have undergone major changes. Electrical system components are now more numerous and more important than ever. Computer chips regulate and monitor everything from Anti-lock Breaking Systems (ABS), fuel injection, and oxygen sensors, to the latest in GPS navigation equipment, back up sensors, DVD players and much more. At Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions we will scan your vehicles computer system, retrieve any codes and fix it right the first time.

MylesGuard V.I.P. Service – The Lee Myles V.I.P. Service is a program that all Lee Myles Centers offer. The purpose of the V.I.P. Service is to determine if your vehicle has an engine, transmission, brake or electrical problem. This service includes the initial road test, all underhood fluids checked, leak check, drive belts, hoses and connections checked, any external adjustments and engine performance. This is a recommended service performed by one of our Lee Myles Certified Technicians. After all, WHY PAY FOR REPAIRS YOU MAY NOT NEED!

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